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How is the chicken manure belt welded to extend its service life?

Auther:sonicpower Date:2019/7/27
The chicken farms are all equipped with ultrasonic cleaning belt welding machines. Many users will not use them when they buy them, or they often have problems in operation. There are often broken belts. Let me briefly introduce the welding of chicken manure belts. Methods and tips.
Chicken manure belt welding equipment
First mentioned the welding machine, most users buy a low-power handheld welding machine, the size of the power determines the speed of the welding speed, the higher the power, the better the welding effect, the stronger, the greater the power, The shorter the welding time, the stronger the low-power equipment can achieve the effect, but it is a little difficult for the novice.
Secondly, the welding method, the welding head must be perpendicular to the welding surface, and forcefully press the handle when welding. Do not remove the handle immediately after the welding is completed. It should stay for 1-2 seconds, and the welded parts should be cooled and qualified. Can only be opened, if the handle is removed too early, the two PP plates may be deformed after being heated, or the wire is drawn at the weld, which affects the firmness of the welded joint and affects the appearance. When welding, it is necessary to control the pressure of the handle. If it is too large or too small, it will affect the welding effect. If the force is too large, it may be welded through the PP plate. If the welding is too small, the welding will not be in place and it will not be strong enough. After welding one point at the second point of welding, it must be ensured that each joint is perfectly welded together.
Finally, the number of points of welding, which depends on the usual experience, the spacing of the welding points of each row is about 5 cm, the welding points of each row are best staggered, so as to ensure that each welding point will be stressed in use. , the welding points are evenly distributed, and there will be no broken belts.