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Which welding equipment does the computer fan choose?

Auther:sonicpower Date:2019/7/26

The small fan of the computer mainly rives the metal piece on the plastic part, and can choose the ultrasonic welding machine or the hot plate welding machine. Many people may not be familiar with these two models. Xiaobian here introduces the two welding equipments. It is different for welding small computer fans, so that you can buy them.

Computer small fan welding equipment

First, the hot plate welding, mainly through the heating of the heating plate to melt the contact surface of the plastic parts to achieve the welding effect, the computer small fan is relatively small, you can buy a small hot plate machine on the line, lk-rh600 is very suitable.
Advantages: cheap price, large welding area;
Disadvantages: long welding time and low efficiency;
Second, ultrasonic welding, mainly through the high temperature generated by ultrasonic vibration, the surface of the plastic parts is quickly melted and cooled to achieve a perfect welding effect.
Advantages: short welding time, fast cooling and high efficiency;
Disadvantages: the price is relatively expensive compared to the hot plate machine;
Through the above introduction, you can choose which device to use according to your own use. Hot plate machine: It is used for plastic parts with small production volume, large welding area and less efficiency. Ultrasonic: It is used for welding products with high efficiency and small welding area.