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Looking for the ultrasonic welding machine is not welded, the reason is not unstable

Auther:sonicpower Date:2019/7/2
Looking for the ultrasonic welding machine is not welded, the reason is not unstable
In daily work, it is often encountered that the ultrasonic welding machine is not welded, or the welding is unstable, or is the ultrasonic welding effect good or bad? So what are the reasons for this? Let me tell you the answer to the small series of experience in the development of ultrasonic welding machine for more than 20 years.
Ultrasonic welding machine
First, the ultrasonic welding machine can not be welded, there are many reasons for instability:
1. The voltage is unstable;
2. The air pressure is unstable; the pressure is not enough.
3, the mold is used for too long, there may be a frequency deviation;
4. The machine itself may have a malfunction, and the power of the ultrasonic generator (electric box) may be unstable or the performance of the transducer amplifier may be unstable.
5, the welding material is not good
6, the welding line design is not reasonable
Second, if the new device starts to use this problem may be:
1. The welding machine has insufficient power to meet the welding requirements; replace the high-power plastic welding machine
2. The parameter adjustment is unreasonable, and the voltage and pressure are properly adjusted. The vibration time and residence time are tried.
3. The welding surface of the welding head and the contact surface of the mold are not flat;
4, the material and process reasons, the workpiece is difficult to weld, increase the modification of the welding line;
Third, if you work for a long time, the above situation still occurs.
1. After working for a period of time, the working point drifts and needs to be adjusted;
2. Check if there is any change in the welding material, such as material, thickness, size, etc.
3, the equipment itself, some inferior welding equipment, long-term work will occur frequency deviation, equipment back-up situation;
4. The ultrasonic equipment is faulty, causing problems such as ultrasonic generators, transducers, amplifiers, etc.;
5. Appropriately increase the pressure of welding,
6. Appropriately increase the time of earthquake

Ultrasonic welding is unstable, and the problems are various. As long as the cause is analyzed step by step, it is possible to find out where the problem lies, adjust it and replace the equipment to achieve the effect of welding. If you have any problems with welding, you can communicate with Xiaobian, I will provide you with professional welding technology help.