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Automobile plastic oil drum ultrasonic welding process

Auther:sonicpower Date:2019/6/29
Is the car plastic fuel tank really safer than the iron?

Why are more and more cars now using plastic fuel tanks? Is the plastic fuel tank safer than the iron oil drum? Where is the difference? Today, Xiaobian takes you to find the answer. Many people may watch TV. The bullets explode in the fuel tank of the car will explode. I feel that the iron drum is not safe. In fact, even if the bullet penetrates the oil drum, it will not cause the gasoline to explode. The situation in the movie is that a special bullet coated with white phosphorus on the bullet may explode through the fuel tank. Therefore, there is no safety problem in the metal fuel tank itself, so why are more and more cars using plastic fuel tanks now?


Automobile plastic oil drum welded by ultrasonic welding machine

Metal tank features

The iron tank is welded by two pieces of iron. If there is a virtual weld during the welding process, oil leakage will occur. Moreover, the metal fuel tank is prone to dents after a collision, and the recessed portion takes a long time, which is prone to rust, which may cause leakage of the fuel tank and impurities in the oil.

Weight problem

The thickness of the iron drum is generally about 1mm, some of the fuel tanks may be slightly thicker, and the plastic fuel tanks are about 5-10mm. The weight of the two tanks varies greatly.
save space

The shape of the plastic fuel tank can be diversified. With the continuous development of the automobile manufacturing process, the bottom space of the automobile is getting smaller and smaller, and various irregular space iron oil drums are difficult to be welded and formed, thereby hindering the use of the iron oil drum. The plastic fuel tank is completed without worrying about this problem. Due to the characteristics of the plastic material, and the good processing and forming, the ultrasonic welding process gives it a unique advantage, and can make full use of various irregular spaces to customize the molding. Meet the design process needs of automobiles;
Price factor

The price difference between metal oil drums and ordinary oil drums is not correct. For the environmental protection effect, some plastic fuel tanks need special treatment and the price is about expensive. This is the reason why there are still metal fuel tanks.

Deformation ability

Metal fuel tanks are generally welded with welded gaps, which are prone to breakage when subjected to impact. Plastics are often molded in one time or ultrasonically welded. The welding effect is basically the same as that of one molding, so it can better resist and prevent. The characteristics of cracking, after the car has experienced a serious impact accident, the plastic fuel tank is still intact except for the deformation, and there will be no cracking and oil leakage, so the probability of accidental fire will be very low. Plastic fuel tanks have better corrosion and oxidation resistance and can be used for a long time.

Whether it is iron or fuel tank, safety is the first consideration. The two have advantages in air tightness, weight, performance, pressure resistance and durability. The ultrasonic welding process gives the advantage of the oil drum more obvious advantages.