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Which products are suitable for welding?Jiangmen Ultrasonic Zhongshan Ultrasonic Shenzhen Ultrasonic

Auther:超声波焊接机 Date:2017/3/21

Which products should be used for welding machine welding?

Melt spinning machine belongs to the hot melt machine a, hot melt machine entered the Chinese market in the mid 1980s, and the machinery manufacturers in China manufacturing the device is in the 1990s. At first hot melt machine but is used in cosmetics and other industries, subsequently, plastics, electronics industry slowly began to use hot melt machine, so in mainland China and Eastern European countries, Middle East countries also began to have to use the hot melt machine, a kind of industrial equipment.

In the industrial production, the ultrasonic welding machine is not used to weld the plastic, and the high toughness of the circular rules products, with a rotary machine can achieve very good Welding effect.

1, household water purifier filter core plastic shell rotary fusion;

2, PE, PP, nylon, pet, round tube or filter (home reverse osmosis filter, industrial filter, medicine use, filter, activated carbon filter).

3, PE, PP, nylon, POM, PBT, such as spherical, tube, oil, gasoline filter must be positioned at the angle of rotation.

4, the double-layer cup, insulation Cup, a filter, filter cup, carburetor, PP insulation Cup, spherical toys, hot water bottle pouch, thermos bottle, automobile filterThe floating ball, the dewatering container, the heat preservation pot, the water spraying joint and so on must be watertight and airtight.

5, water dispenser filter element plastic shell fusion of special equipment: the activated carbon into the circular plastic tube, cover the lid, plastic cover withThe machine rotates in a clockwise direction, resulting in high speed friction heating of the plastic contact surface to achieve the effect of decomposition of the high polymer material.
Firm, such as molding machine directly molding general.

Sonicpower ultrasound to provide customers with professional product welding solutions, in the melt spinning equipment has many years of product development and market service experience. According to customer demand tailored.