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Lingke passed the identification of private technology enterprises in Zhuhai City

Auther:超声波焊接机 Date:2019/4/20

After strict verification and verification by the government departments of Zhuhai City, Zhuhai Lingke Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Zhuhai Private Technology Enterprise” and was awarded certificates and honorary support.

"Private technology company" concept:
Private technology enterprises refer to private enterprise assets or companies with wholly-owned capital or Chinese investment capital, which have independent independent legal persons and are engaged in scientific research and development, technology transfer, engineering technology and engineering technology, and new technology products.
The “private technology enterprise” has obtained the basic premise:
1. A company with statutory patents or technical achievements, high-tech products, proprietary technology, development and production of related products, and the power to engage in technology development or technology services;
2. Scientific research personnel (including the same level of education) that are consistent with the scope of business operations should account for more than 30% of professional professionals;
3. The research and development expenses of the company in the previous year accounted for more than 2% of the main business income of the whole year;
4. The company's main business income for the whole year reached more than 5 million yuan, and the total tax payment and national tax revenue reached more than 150,000 yuan. Companies with important intellectual property rights and products with independent products and technologies.