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Internet plus

Auther:超声波焊接机 Date:2017/4/21

Li Keqiang: integration of manufacturing industry and Internet is the only way for the development of modern industry

Li Keqiang February 2, 2016 visit Ningxia sharing equipment Limited by Share Ltd. The company was founded in 1966 the old foundry state-owned enterprises through restructuring and innovation vitality, in casting 3D printing industry made a revolutionary breakthrough. The prime minister praised the has been from the "silly big black thick" into "my fair lady", showing the "made in China 2025+ Internet fusion is a vivid manifestation of the kinetic energy into the old and the new.

"Internet plus" is to "China 2025" important support to promote the integration of the manufacturing industry and the development of the internet." Premier Li Keqiang said at the executive meeting of the State Council in May 4th.
Day meeting to promote the deployment of the manufacturing industry and the Internet depth integration, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing.

"We" in the development process of Internet plus ", electronic commerce is at the forefront of the world, but the use of the Internet in the manufacturing sector, need to accelerate the pace of." The prime minister said, China is already a big industrial country, but there is no distance from industrial power, which needs to accelerate the integration process of manufacturing industry and the depth of the internet."

In the discussion of this issue, the prime minister cited the example of Germany and the United states. "The German" industrial 4 "is mainly" manufacturing + Internet ", while the United States is" Internet plus manufacturing ". Although each other's methods and paths are not the same, but they are to enhance the level of manufacturing industry." Li Keqiang said, "both have their own characteristics. We want to move forward to the industrial power, we need to absorb the experience of these two areas."

Prime Minister also referred to the previous investigation and discussion of several examples: Haier company through a passenger platform for employees of large enterprises to become entrepreneurs who; Henan CITIC Heavy Industries in large enterprises flourished "hit"; CNNC "Hualong one reactor core design, through the Internet gathered more than 20 cities of more than 500 sets of terminal, thousands of people power focus on research.

"A big feature of the Internet is" set trimaran. ". Through the Internet in the world to seek solutions, you can save a lot of manpower and intelligence." Li Keqiang said, "this is the only way for the development of modern industry."
Prime Minister stressed that to promote innovation and development of the manufacturing industry requires not only the innovation of large enterprises, but also the need for large enterprises and small and medium enterprises collaborative innovation. Local governments should support the construction of manufacturing enterprise management platform based on Internet, relying on the national model industrialization demonstration base and national economic and Technological Development Zone Construction "hit" demonstration base. The "double" of telecom enterprises should further base broadband access speed drop charges.

About the large Internet data to change the traditional manufacturing industry, Li Keqiang to China's garment industry use suit version type, for example, past is Japan is in Europe, has not come up with their own version of the type, because on a data are difficult to collect. Now big data provides a new path. A clothing company in Jiangsu, two or three years ago, has accumulated about 2000000 version of the data. With big data, you can support the basic version of the personalized custom.

Relying on big data and other new technologies, the traditional manufacturing enterprise's innovation level has been significantly improved." Prime Minister said.