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How to accept and test the ultrasonic welding head?

Auther: Date:2020/11/23
How to accept and test the ultrasonic welding head?
Ultrasonic welding head

For different welding workpieces, there must be corresponding welding fixture. No matter friction welding or conduction welding, only half wavelength welding fixture can make the welding surface reach the maximum vibration amplitude. There are two kinds of ultrasonic welding head fixture, with and without vibration amplitude. The common material of ultrasonic welding head for plastic welding machine is aluminum alloy welding joint. When the welding surface is large and the power is high, titanium material is often selected. The fatigue limit of this material is several times higher than that of aluminum magnesium alloy. Durable.

Material of ultrasonic mould for ultrasonic welding machine:

1、 Titanium (7075, 2024, 6061)

① 7075: it is usually used in vibration system and welding head production, with high strength, strong thermal conductivity and excellent ductility. The material has high mechanical tensile strength, high strength and strong thermal conductivity, which is a high-quality material for ultrasonic welding head mold.

② It is usually used in the production of horn2024,

③ 6061: it is usually used in bottom die making or small parts. The welding head with small pressure has good ductility and strength inferior to 2024. It is mainly used for welding head production of small high frequency ultrasonic plastic welding machine.

2、 Scm8: generally used for inserting screws and metals, with excellent toughness, high hardness and heat resistance.

3、 Titanium: it is usually used for continuous vibration. It has high ductility, good thermal conductivity, high strength and high cost.

4、 Domestic cemented aluminum alloy: domestic materials are used for ordinary aluminum processing, with low heat conduction, high mechanical loss to ultrasonic wave and low cost.

Instructions for purchasing ultrasonic welding head fixture:

1。 Product requirements: determine the service life and wear rate of the mold, so as to determine which material to use.

2。 Product shape: what welding process is adopted, mold size and pressure transfer area are set, and the product can be produced in the welding process.

3。 Product plasticity: determine the working amplitude of the mold. The work shall receive ultrasonic energy and the form, position and size of the energy guide line. How to design contact positions for different plastic combinations?

4。 Product design producer: excellent technical team and excellent after-sales service.