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Foshan Ultrasonic Accessories,Service Guidelines, Zhongshan ultrasonic repair

Auther:sonicpower 超声波焊接机 Date:2018/9/1

Technical applications consultancy and solution finding

Competent advice is the cornerstone of any successful project. Thanks to our technical consultants’ extensive specialist knowledge and many years’ experience, they are able to analyse your application and develop the best possible solution. We will test your sample material in detail and then make proposals for the design of your mouldings.

It is best if you contact us early in the first phase of a project because the earlier we get involved, the quicker we will find a solution for you.  You are also very welcome to visit us and see for yourself the passion with which testing and experimentation goes on in our laboratory.  Our technical applications consultancy is free of charge - you only pay for the solution, not how we arrive at it!


Technical support and after-sales service

Our commitment does not stop after the initial contract. In order to nurture a long-lasting partnership we take our long-term support for you very seriously. Should you need help at the initial set-up or for carrying out a calibration, or if there is a problem - our service team is always there to provide fast and competent support.


Training and certification

We offer various training modules, from the basics of ultrasonic welding through to detailed product training. We would be happy to design a training programme to suit your particular requirements.